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Tailored Video Security System Analytics for your home and business

What is Video Security System Analytics?

Video analytics aids in the examination of the ever-increasing hours of video surveillance tapes that an operator is unable to see or will never watch again. It helps you to quickly find and collect critical surveillance footage. Furthermore, it increases the efficiency of video surveillance by lowering the burden on security management personnel. By making CCTV cameras better in their function, video analytics helps you to record the most valuable video footage. Video analytics seeks to detect geographical and temporal occurrences in videos automatically. 

As part of an integrated security system, West-Tec Security can supply you with video security system analytics software. Our experts disseminate the information, which they use to improve the overall efficacy of your company and residential video surveillance systems. Make a reservation for our services as soon as possible. Video analytics can be used for people counting in a given area, such as a store or a stadium.

Benefits of Video Security System Analytics

Continual surveillance

Machines have the ability to monitor several cameras at once and see things that no person could see.

Detection using intelligence

Surveillance cameras use clever video analysis to look for unusual activity. Businesses can pre-program unique commands based on their requirements.

Monitoring from afar

Businesses are using video analytics as a service to do this. These warnings can also be issued to your in-house guards, through email, or via smartphones.

Automated Security breach alerts

You get more than simply a video surveillance system with video analytics. It enables you to not only monitor the video stream but also to take immediate action if trespassers attempt to enter your property.

Automated access control

To make suitable judgments, licence plate recognition (LPR) and face recognition systems detect cars and persons on the spot.

Why choose us?

WTSS is the most dependable provider of innovative security solutions for businesses of all sizes. You can rely on our expert team to deliver a useful solution whether you manage a small business or have a medium and large company to safeguard. Our installers, project managers, maintenance experts, and engineers will provide excellent installation, integration, and future system expansion as needed.

We provide our CCTV surveillance systems and services for:


Some video monitoring companies demand contracts, while others do not. This is an important consideration to consider before making a purchase, especially if you want to relocate your business within the next year or don’t want to be bound to a contract.

This is also dependent on your membership package and the supplier. Some suppliers feature expert monitoring as part of your subscription, while others charge an additional fee or do not provide it at all.

Security cameras can assist safeguard your company from theft, infiltration, fire, flood, or burglary, allowing you to sleep better at night. They can be costly, depending on your company’s demands, but they are often worthwhile.

Depending on your provider, you can pay for long-term or even limitless storage, or utilise external storage devices to keep a long-term backup copy of your data. Many surveillance systems keep video for up to 30 days.

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