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Install Systems Integration Services for optimum Security

Different aspects of a security system may now function together, communicate with one another, and connect with other systems thanks to new technology. Our professionals at West-Tec Security can work directly with customers to integrate their security systems and address any needs they may have. Our systems integration services are offered for both household and commercial clients in a variety of industries around Sydney. 

If you do need security system integration for a commercial office or department store, an integrated platform for several manufacturing facilities, or a complex combination for a stadium, institution, hospital, or business campus, our security experts have completed projects of all sizes and scopes.

We can integrate a wide range of surveillance and security systems, incorporating event-driven management of the following systems:

Benefits of Having Systems Integration Services

Our security integration services for homes and businesses come with a variety of benefits, including:

West-Tec Security is one of the most well-known security integration firms, with a reputation for high-quality work and great outcomes. Call 0432 588 721, write us an email or leave us a message online for further information.

Why Choose WTSS?

We provide Security Audit Systems for:


A centralised platform incorporating numerous security perimeters such as mobile alarm systems, access control devices, surveillance cameras, and so on is known as an integrated security system.

A more efficient flow of important information is ensured by an integrated security system. The information can be accelerated and a better response can be facilitated across all systems if they are connected. This implies that if an issue, such as a glass break, is noticed in one area, you may respond quickly with access control measures.

The process of combining all of an organization’s physical and digital components is known as system integration. Machine systems, computer hardware, inventories, and other physical components make up the physical components. Data stored in databases, software, and apps make up the virtual components.

The cost of installing an integrated security service can be anywhere starting from 200 to 600 dollars.

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