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PABX Phone System

PABX Phone System

What is a PABX phone system?

In corporations and organizations, a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) phone system is a typical form of telephone exchange. Multiple phone lines can be linked to a single central unit using PABX systems, enabling both internal calls between additions and external calls to be routed through the phone network.

A number of functions offered by cloud PABX phone system, including call forwarding, voice mail, caller identification, call waiting, and conference calling, can improve communication inside an organization. Through the removal of the need for additional phone lines, these features can increase productivity and efficiency while also lowering expenses. No matter the size of the company, from a tiny office with a few people to a major firm with several locations, PABX systems may be tailored to suit its unique requirements. They are very scalable and can add more lines and extensions as needed to handle expansion. For businesses and organisations wishing to enhance their communication capabilities, PABX phone systems are an effective and dependable alternative.

How does a PABX phone system work?

Multiple phone lines are connected to a central device, which is in charge of call management and routing, to create a PABX phone system. Internal calls may be placed between extensions and outgoing calls can be forwarded across the phone network using the central unit, sometimes referred to as the switchboard or the PABX.

The PABX system determines if an incoming call is internal or external before processing it. If the call is internal, the system bypasses the phone network and directs the call to the proper extension. If the call is external, the system connects it to the outside world via a line that is open.

Additionally, pabx business phones offer a range of capabilities that might improve internal communication in a company. Caller ID shows the caller’s phone number on the receiver’s phone, call forwarding allows calls to be automatically sent to another extension or an external number, voicemail enables callers to leave a message when the intended recipient is unavailable, and so on.

A PABX administrator of a cloud PABX phone system can establish extensions, set up call routing rules, and handle other features using a web-based interface or specialised software. For a full communication solution for a company or organisation, the system may also be combined with additional communication tools like video conferencing and unified messaging.

Businesses and organisations can profit greatly from using a PABX Phone System Sydney.

Benefits Of Having A PABX Phone System

  • First off, it offers a centralised system for handling calls, making services like call forwarding, voicemail, and call routing possible. As a result, managing and routing calls takes less time and effort, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Second, by removing the need for numerous phone lines and enabling free internal conversations between extensions, PABX systems may save expenses. This can result in huge phone bill savings for corporations.
  • Thirdly, wireless PABX system include capabilities like caller ID, conference calling, and call queuing that may increase productivity and boost the effectiveness and speed of communication.
  • Fourth, telephone PABX system may enhance customer service by offering tools like recording calls and call tracking that can help companies better monitor and control interactions with clients.
  • Fifth, virtual pabx systems are a versatile choice for various organisations because they can be tailored to match the unique demands of an organization, such as adding additional extensions or customising special call routing rules.

Why Choose Wtss PABX Phone System

Low Cost:

WTSS provides annual flat-rate pricing. This can reduce monthly phone costs for businesses by up to 80% when compared to monthly rates that charge per user.

Flexible Licensing:

Pricing is also depending on the number of calls made at once. Most phone system providers charge for all 50 lines if a firm has 50 subscribers. even if they only utilise ten lines at once.

Complete communication system:

WTSS includes live chat and video conferencing in the price. Additionally, it interacts with WhatsApp, instant chat, and the most popular CRMs.


With WTSS, companies may pick their own VoIP phones and SIP trunks phone systems sydney. Since WTSS is an open platform, it can be integrated with the majority of widely used hardware and service providers. Savings on hardware, toll-free numbers, long-distance calling, and other expenses result from this.


WTSS provides fully-functional applications for iOS and Android smartphones as well as web browsers.

Simple Scalability:

WTSS’s software is simple to scale as a firm expands. Additionally, it is simple to expand or decrease phone service thanks to flexible licencing. As the top producer of IP-PABXs, WTSS has proven to be the go-to choice for any company seeking capabilities that are fit for an enterprise.


Cloud Based PABX System is a kind of telephone interchange that enables several phone lines to be linked to a single centralised unit that can then manage functions like mail and calling forwarding and route calls to various extensions. Traditional phone systems lack centralised administration capabilities and rely on individual calling lines for each phone.

Hosted pabx providers have a number of advantages, such as improved productivity and effectiveness, cost savings, greater communication capacities, and scalability. Additionally, they provide a range of capabilities that can enhance customer service and assist organisations in more efficiently managing their communication requirements.

Yes, hosted pabx providers may be tailored to a company’s unique requirements, whether that company is a tiny office with a few people or a big organisation with several locations. To suit their own needs, businesses may control other features, establish extensions, and set up call routing rules.

Businesses should take into account aspects like functionality, scalability, usability, and affordability when selecting a PABX phone system. It’s crucial to pick a dependable vendor like WTSS that can offer dependable support and maintenance services.

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