Fault Monitoring System

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Improve Safety Reliability and Stability with a Fault Monitoring System

Real time fault monitoring system is vital to maintain the integrity of any security system. At WTSS, we provide a fault monitoring system that ensures that your home and business are protected 24/7. Our remote fault monitoring system automates the task of fault detection and diagnosis and provides accurate data that allow our security experts to troubleshoot.

What is a Fault Monitoring System?

A fault monitoring system is a smart backup for security of your residential or commercial property. Whether you have installed a simple security system or an advanced integrated security system, a fault monitoring system immediately detects and analyses faults from the entire system. It collects data such as video surveillance, air quality, power consumption, etc. using several sensors. These sensors are connected to the required devices and track each movement in real time, detecting any signs of faults. The fault monitoring system not only keeps the security intact, but also reduces operational and maintenance cost.

Benefits of Having a Remote Fault Monitoring System:

Our advanced remote fault monitoring system is capable of detecting and classifying all types of faults occurring in the entire security system. Using cutting-edge technology, we ensure all the security devices on the premises maintain their optimum functionality and faults are detected and resolved as fast as possible. Here are a few more advantages of a remote fault monitoring system.

Finding any issue in the security system as fast as possible:

Numerous external and internal factors can cause fault in your security system. A commercial fault monitoring system commences quick action for any kind of fault with availability of the real time data. It is capable of preventing different types of accidents, depending on your security system and your business operation.

It can alert you about problems that might occur:

Our advanced remote monitoring devices are capable of predicting potential problems in the system. Our commercial or residential fault monitoring system collects and analyses the data in real time and sends signals if something is out of place. It allows us to fix the problem that might disrupt your home security system.

Reduces the need of routine surveys and saves money:

Our remote monitoring devices self survey themselves and send signals if there is any requirement of maintenance or checkups. It saves a significant amount of money as you don’t have to spend money on routine maintenance.

Why Choose WTSS for Residential and Commercial Fault Monitoring Systems?

WTSS is the most trusted name when it comes to delivering complete security solutions for homes and businesses. We provide security solutions for homes that comply with your lifestyle and safety needs. We design high-end security systems for commercial properties that streamline your operations and help you achieve your business goals.

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From residential property owners to small, medium and large scale business owners, a fault monitoring system is beneficial to those who want to keep their security system intact. It ensures that your security system runs smoothly and errors are detected and resolved at an early stage.

Yes, a remote fault monitoring system is capable of troubleshooting minor errors in the system. However, it requires a technician on site to fix issues related to electronic devices.

A remote fault monitoring system saves you a significant amount of money as it eliminates the need of numerous on-site visits throughout the year. A clear and well-structured monitoring also reduces the risk of potential errors and allows experts to fix the issues before they occur. Overall, the system saves money in the long-run.

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