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Do Hikvision Surveillance Products put your Privacy at Risk?

Hikvision has quickly risen to become the worlds largest supplier of surveillance technologies. Many security businesses across Australia provide and install Hikvision surveillance products, which also includes the Swann and Digiguard brands. You’ll find their cameras and monitoring equipment in homes, businesses and government institutions.

The concerning thing about Hikvision is that the company is owned by the Chinese government. Murmours continue to grow on theories that the products are providing the Chinese Government with our data. There is also a belief that the devices are designed to be easily hacked by HQ, potentially meaning that the Chinese Government could take control of any of their cameras if or when it desires.

There has not yet been any proof of malign practices by Hikvision and the company has defended themselves against the accusations.

Here at West-Tec we steer clear of Hikvision products and are always seeking to provide the best products for your requirements and privacy. If you are interested in having your Hikvision devices replaced with another brand, contact us.

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