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CCTV Fault Monitoring System Guide: How can you understand if your CCTV and security systems are working effectively?

Your security system may have problems due to a variety of internal and external factors. With access to real-time data, a commercial fault monitoring system launches a prompt response for every fault. Depending on your security system and how your organization is run, it can prevent a variety of accidents.

You must be aware of any issues with your CCTV and security equipment. You and your security maintenance staff are unable to act without this information. If errors go unfixed, your security won’t be optimized, and your system may become exposed.

This CCTV troubleshooting manual is designed specifically for security systems that WTSS remotely monitors. This Fault Monitoring System guide will assist you in maintaining optimal security at all times because it is filled with tips on how to keep your security systems in top condition.

When WTSS operators discover a problem with your security system, they log it as a fault ticket on their platform.


  • poor lighting
  • site audio not working
  • no camera image
  • camera image distorted
  • detection triggered by foliage
  • detection triggered by overspill
  • loss of connection

The errors mentioned above are just a few of the most typical ones that our operators frequently find.

What can you do to prevent faults in your CCTV and security systems?

By doing a few quick checks, you can save yourself some time and money. By performing these checks, you’ll be able to increase security, lower the amount of defects reported for your site, and avoid having to escalate issues to your maintenance provider:

  • Make sure all bills are current and paid, especially for your phone and broadband. Due to someone forgetting to pay the bandwidth fee this month, we might not have been able to access your website.
  • Verify that nothing appears to be gone and that the security system has not been tampered with.
  • Visually verify that the communication and security systems are powered.
  • Verify with your IT department that nothing has changed, such as the installation of a new firewall.
  • Maintain your site’s cleanliness and control vermin. Trim back overgrown areas.
  • Self-walk tests your site proactively. In order to ensure that everything is operating as expected, WTSS encourages sites to test their security system.

Our advanced remote fault monitoring system is capable of detecting and classifying all types of faults occurring in the entire security system. Using cutting-edge technology, we ensure all the security devices on the premises maintain their optimum functionality and faults are detected and resolved as fast as possible. Call us today to fix any fault monitoring system today at …………….

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