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Install Alarm Monitoring System for Prime Security

Give your home or business an advanced level of security by installing an alarm monitoring system. WTSS offers a carefully designed cutting-edge alarm monitoring system for residential and commercial properties. We provide customised security solutions to protect your home or business premises against all types of emergencies. Here are a few things that you should know about our alarm monitoring system.

What is an Alarm Monitoring System?

An alarm monitoring system is one of the most advanced security solutions of our time as it involves communicating between your premise’s security system and our specialist partner’s monitoring station using a series of connected security devices. The security alarm system’s control panel automatically triggers a series of alarms, notifies the monitoring station, and sends suitable personnel to handle the emergency. We use highly-advanced devices to give you reliable security solutions, which can be customised to meet your specific needs in terms of features.

How Does a Business or Home Alarm Monitoring System Work?

The control panel of an alarm monitoring system has various sensors, such as door sensors, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and more. When these sensors are activated, the control panel generates a signal and sends it to the monitoring control station.

The signal of your house alarm system alerts the team at the alarm monitoring station, and in response, they first contact you to verify the situation. If you don’t reply, the stationed team immediately alerts the suitable personnel or department to address the emergency.

We provide home alarm monitoring installation with advanced features that make your premise highly secured. With specific features installed, alarm rings as soon as there is an emergency, and don’t have to rely on confirmation. For example, in case of a medical emergency, the device will automatically call an ambulance and in case of a fire outbreak, the fire department will get immediate notification.

Benefits of Having an Alarm Monitoring System:

A monitoring house alarm system offers several advantages. It is effective in minimising the risk of damage caused by fire outbreak, medical emergency, intrusions, and other emergency situations. With monitoring alarm security installations, you can have a team of highly trained professionals keeping an eye on your property to effectively handle any kind of emergencies. Here are a few primary benefits of having an alarm monitoring system.

Your Property is Protected 24/7:

Home monitoring alarm systems are designed to provide uncompromised security to your property and your family members 24/7.

Immediate Response:

For handling many emergency situations, you can rely on advanced features of your home or business alarm system and for others you can count on a trained team at the station to dispatch authorities.

Minimising the Risk of Damage to Your Property:

With remote CCTV monitoring services and advanced monitoring alarm systems, you get assurance that your property is safeguarded. Whether it’s a fire outbreak or intrusion, the stationed team will ensure that there is a minimum damage to your property.

Why Choose WTSS?

We are a locally owned and operated security system company with a team of experienced professionals. We deliver comprehensive solutions to your security needs, whether it’s residential, commercial, or public properties. Whether you want alarm systems for business or need a wireless alarm system for your home, you can count on our alarm system service for keeping your premises protected all the time. In addition, we provide our high-end services within your budget.

We provide our CCTV surveillance systems and services for:


The cost of installing a monitoring alarm system depends on the level of protection you need and the devices you choose to install, such as smoke detectors, motion sensors, etc. You can consult our security advisor for the best solution.

We provide end-to-end services, which includes assessing the overall condition of your property and finding all types of potential risks. After the complete on-site analysis, we discuss which devices you should install, the level of protection your property needs, and what is the best option within your budget.

Regular alarm systems are efficient for everyday home and commercial security. However, they can be easily turned off by disuniting the control panel. In addition, they are not connected to any control stations and they are not capable of notifying the emergency response team.

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