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How to get the perfect Security System Design: 5 Pro Practices

The true experts are the consumers in our WTSS security system design community (and the security experts and system integrators who ought to join it). To create effective tools that assist you in creating and delivering the best surveillance solutions, we draw on our experience and collaborate with the best video surveillance experts in the […]

Best DIY home security camera installation as simple and effective

Installation problems with home security camera installation are persistent. You can feel anxious about drilling holes and running cables and wires inside and outside an apartment. Not to mention how much professional home security firms charge to get CCTV installation in Australia. Here are detailed instructions for setting up both wired and wireless home security […]

Home Video Monitoring Analytics Object Detection and Identification

What is Object Detection and Identification? Object detection and identification are critical components of Home Video Monitoring Analytics. This feature allows operators to find and track a specific object, such as a person, car, or knapsack, from frame to frame. What’s the end result? The capacity to rapidly identify the item across hours of film, […]